VRoom360 was set up in August 2016 after seeing the then unbelievable power of the Matterport offering and wondering ‘how did they make that dollhouse?'. As an early adopter of 3D visualisation, we had spent previous decades working with multimedia programs like Cinema 4D to create our virtual worlds, so experiencing the Matterport tours was like seeing the future. The images were so sharp; the interactive spaces so accessible; the results so satisfying. So we imported one of the first cameras into the UK.

At first we saw Virtual Tours as an addition to our core business of photography, floor plans and surveying for the property markets, but we soon discovered that there was a much more interesting range of applications. Our first job was to scan a dozen rooms at a new Wedding and Conference venue [link] where our marvellous hosts treated us to an evening meal on the terrace and use of the best Tudor bedroom (with modern en-suite [link]. This enhanced our appreciation of old buildings with a new purpose.

At the 2017 Listed Building Show we got a commissions to scan the historic home of a couple who wanted a permanant record of their ancient sprawling mansion. When they discovered that we could also do external 360 scans, we were guided over the acres to a rare sunken garden, a Georgian greenhouse, extensive herbaceous boarders and the orchards. Other fascinating jobs from the show included a dedicated hostel for autistic adults and a new build futuristic home by the sea.

Being keen National Trust members we dreamt of scanning all those inaccessible places which are closed most of the year, so we did a scan at Standen House, capturing the detail on the Arts and Crafts treasures (call us for a private viewing). Another historic building is Oxford University’s St Luke’s Chapel which is now a multi-use venue. Our challenge was to show several uses in one scan - see how we did it. [link]

The University also gave us work scanning student accommodation and their print room [link] which includes tags inside the tour to videos of the equipment in action. At Modern Art Oxford we scanned Lubiana Hamid’s exhibition before she went on to win the Turner Prize. The tour includes links to MAO's website to sell items from the shop.

We had assumed the Estate Agents would queue up for our tours, but we have learnt that they are no fans because the product too good! It threatens the negotiators role as they need to get prospective buyers into the properties so that they can be sold to. To be fair, there was one agent who saw the future and was so pleased with the result that after a few weeks they got their own camera.

We’ve had a lot of work from the short term letting market, such as Swailes Suites [link] who have clients flying in from all over the world and probably book the accommodation between movies on the inbound Emirates flight. That airline does claim that they offer the best in-flight entertainment. Anchor Hanover retirement homes have also seen the light and have commissioned scans of their new developments and facilities. One apartment has had one 8,000 virtual visitors in the last year.

We continue to love doing scans and appreciate the positive feedback from our many and varied clients. The Matterport camera remains the leader in quality, versatility and the 'wow factor' of the dollhouse continues to delight and amaze.