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Matterport Tours are becoming increasingly familiar as they provide a modern way to showcase the inside of buildings. The 3D scanning takes you right inside houses, venues, galleries, work places - all kinds of interesting places - just like Street View lets you explore the outside world. But why Matterport Tours? We all know that 360 tours, taken with a single camera shot, are not new and they leave many people feeling queasy! Matterport Tours are revolutionary because a typical tour can have hundreds of camera shots, and each shot will link up to the neighbouring shot, so that the whole property is seamlessly mapped, giving the viewer a free pass to explore every nook and cranny at will.

The ‘wow factor’ is the Dollhouse. The genius of the Matterport technology is how its infra red lasers build the model, scan by scan. and then link them up to complete a model of the property. You can rotate the Dollhouse, switch to a floorplan view and zoom into any part of the model at will. The laser measurements are so accurate that the ‘cloud point’ data can be exported to popular CAD programmes; a feature architects and building developers are exploiting.

Mattertags let you add information links inside the tour. For a boutique hotel this could tell you what’s inside the mini bar, or how the heated mirrors prevent the glass from steaming up. In a shop the Mattertags can have web links to the products on display, thus creating a virtual shop, open all hours. The tags can include links to videos bringing inanimate objects to life. For really large premises, one tour can be linked to another so that there is no limit to size. As you can imagine, Matterport tours have few limits and infinite possibilities.

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- Callum Hunt, Swailes Suites